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What’s new with MODVO
8/13/2016 - New Line of Loudspeakers
Due to the demand of space saving technology and electronics, users are now finding themselves force to use subpare electronics and loudspeakers that does not offer good sound for today’s multimedia content.  We have decide to introduce and line of On-wall Loudspeakers that are design to reproduce quality sound and integrate into rooms easily without filling up your decor.  All of this at an affordable price.
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5/01/2017 -  New site coming soon!
Its been over a year since our site went under heavy construction.  Over that period of time, we have decide to dedicate ourselves to providing audio solutions.
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4/27/2018 -  Our New site is here!
Its been over a year since our site went under construction., now our site is back up!  
Our new site still keeps the look and feel as before, but with more of an updated appearance.  Now our banners are interact which means you can now click on a item that you see in the background for more information.
6/14/2018 -  MODVO Turns 10 Years Old!
Yes,  it has been over 10 years since our start.  From the very beginning our goal has always remained the same, to provide listeners with quality sound at an affordable price.
The Flex Cables
These are our 4th generation RCA audio cables.
A unique style of cable that is very flexible, but
yet durable.
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3/5/2019 - Finally, the Executive line Speakers are Coming!


Its been nearly 6 years since the introduction of the Executive Line of Speakers. this line of speakers were put on hold servetal years ago due to limited availablity of parts.  We are now able to manufacture a number of our parts which will allow us to make this line of loudspeakers a reality.  Expect to see these speakers soon.