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Site / Ordering / Shipping
1. Do your products come with a warranty?
2. Are all your products hand built?
3. How do your products sound?
1. If your business is base in the USA, why is your site hosted by a UK service?
2. Once an order is placed, how do I know you received it?
3. How are the orders shipped?
Q:  Do your products come with a warranty?
A:  Yes, each product comes with a 5 year warranty on parts and electronics.
Q:  Are all your products hand built?
A:  All our cabinets, cables and crossovers (except for a few of our 1st generation crossovers) are built by hand using quality parts and accessories.  A lot of craftsmanship and time goes into design and building our loudspeakers, from sawing wood panels, priming, painting too brushing on lacquer y hand.

Q:  How do your products sound?
A:  This is a question that we get asked often.  We know that everyone ears are different, and that each person have their own opinion or like on how a speaker should sound to them.  There is a standard that we go by on how a speaker should.  This standard is that the speaker should an balance or close to a flat response between the drivers (play at the same level).
We are currently developing technology that will allow viewers to hear how the speaker sound as if the person was standing right in front of the speaker.
We do post sound testes on our selected loudspeakers to give listeners an idea on how the speakers sound.  These sound tests can be heard on our youtube channel under sound test.
Site / Ordering / Shipping
Q: If your business is base in the USA, why is your site hosted by a UK service?
A:  Yes, we are a business that is based in the USA and our site is hosted on Serif (a UK base software company), which is based in the UK.  We have been using their products and services for over 10 years with very good results. While they are in the UK, they do have divisions and headquarters that are based here in the United States.
Q: How do I order an product from you guys?
A: You can order our loudspeaker products directly from us.   While our site is not currently setup for commercial use, we can provide you with a secure page and a shopping cart.  You can order any product your like on our site.  Let us know what product you are interested in and we can set up an invoice or a web page to complete your order and transaction.  We accept credit cards and PayPal.
Once the order has been placed and the transaction is confirmed, you will receive 2 emails.  One email from the authorized transaction and the other from us (support@modvo.com).

Q: How and when are your products shipped?
A: Basically all our orders are shipped either by FedEx or USPS.  Small packages (small speakers) are usually shipped by USPS with will require an signature, while small items like cables, and connectors will not require a signature (drop off). Large items (such as large speakers), will be shipped by FedEx and a signature will be required.
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