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Our Goal
A word from the Founder:
“Over the years we have not only grown to appreciate music and the work that the musician invests in, but also the enjoyment that one gets when listening to their favorite track or live performance, whether its on vinyl or DVD.

This type of enjoyment can only be expressed through a pair of quality loudspeakers that tell the whole story from beginning to end.  Just like an expensive microphone, the loudspeaker must capture all the fine details and give an accurate representation of the musical material, leaving nothing out, just as the musician intended for you to hear.

This is why we have decided to dedicate our shelves to building better speakers.  Speakers that can achieve better sound and performance that can more accurately reproduce the sound of music.”
Lorenzo W.



In the beginning of 2008 MODVO was born. It has begun for a love of music and designing speakers. For the past years we have designed loudspeakers for artists, individuals and consumers. Through our passion and obsession in building speakers, we decided to take a new approach in world of loudspeakers, this obsession grew into a desire.


We first started out as an online D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) speaker building site. Due to the amount of success we received, we decided to start our own line of speaker products. We have over 10 years of experience in designing loudspeakers. Some of our designs have been commercially used by musicians, artists, studios and Internet radio stations.


The desire was to design loudspeakers that could not only achieve high level of performance in sound, but also in the quality itself, at a reasonable price. Over the years, our design and manufacturing process has improved greatly. Now, we are designing and building our own terminal plates (on selected loudspeakers) wiring and crossovers using fixtures and molds that we build ourselves.  This is our hands on approach to designing loudspeakers.



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