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Tri-path amplifier with DAC
One of the nicest features about tri-path amplifiers are that some of them have built-in DAC (digital to analog converter) digital inputs.  This means that the device takes the digital data signal and converts it into a anolog signal.  The digital analog converter is usually usb base.  This allows uses to the amplifier to media devices or audio input to bypass the sound card in audio devices (computers).

Small amplifiers  
Another great feature about tri-path amplifiers are their size.  Most of them are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but can offer a fairly amount of wattage.   that they are small in size and can be mounted in in audio equipment or placed in places where space is limited.
What is a Tri-path Amplifier
A tri-path Amplifier (class T) is a small stereo device that switches frequency from digital to analog signals.  Most T-amps are build around the TA2020 chip.  These systems were originally design to be used in audio
These tiny amplifiers are designed to drive small speakers.  Even though they are small in size they have a fairly amount of wattage to power small speakers, while larger t-amps can power large bookshelf style speakers.
The schematics of the tri-path uses just the minimal parts and components to create the audio signal, while bypassing main components that is often found in larger or full size amplifier.  This means that they only use the nessceary component to get decent or good sound.  They can offer great sound, but if you want best sound performance possible, use a full size audio grade amplifier.