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SPEAKER CABLES - Bare 14 Gauge Cables
Bare 14 Gauge Speaker Cable 10 Feet
S P E A K E R   S T A N D S
Stands for your Mix-T Speakers
Quick and easy guide to hooking up
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Longer speaker cable 14 gauge
“These should be your standard choice for speaker cables”
Video Introduction
Want to get the best signal possible to your speakers without any signal loss?
The bare line speaker cables are your choice.  These cables feature bare wire with silver tips and No brass plated connectors.  This mean very little to no signal loss, which mean full wattage from amplifier.
Cables with brass connectors can cause much signal loss because brass has Only have 67% conductivity. while pure copper has 99% and silver with 110% conductivity.
Accurate Sound
Bare 12 Gauge Speaker Cable 20 Feet
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!
14 Gauge Bare Speaker Cable 7.5” Feet  (1 pair)