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AUDIO CABLES - RCA - Flex-Cables
“These should be your standard choice for audio cables”
Video Introduction
Want to experience high quality sound from your audio component without the high price tag, try the new flex cables.
These unique cables will provide good sound to your audio system.  They are very flexible and can keep their shape even after use.  
Each cable has a rubber sleeve that is very soft to the touch and flexible, but yet very durable.  These cables has a bouncy feeling to them, which make them unique.
Audio Cables
Flex RCA Audio Cables 1.5’ Feet  (1 pair)
Locking Style Cables
Connector Type:  RCA/phoino jack

Wire:  OFC Silver plated wire

Connector Material:  Gold plated brass

The Flex RCA Cable offers great flexibility in placement   These cables are design to bend and flex in tight places, while maintaining their shape after use.  The rubber sleeving and can resist tearing on heavy use.


Like the HD-2 Cables, the Flex offers great sound  to any audio component.  These premium cables provide audiophile sound at the fractionof the price.  They are high quality made with nice features.  Unlike most audio cable that only use 24 gauge wire, the Flex Cables use 20 gauge audio grade high purity OFC copper wire, which is silver plated and wrap in a high grade Teflon sleeving on the inside with aluminum braided shielding.  The main live wire is screwed directly to the pin () while the ground wire is hand soldered using electronic solder.


Flexible RCA Cables
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