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The Latest Innovations of MODVO
7/07/2015 - New SMT-7 Speakers
We will be introducing a new SMT speaker, this speaker will be known as the SMT-7.  The SMT-7 will offer big sound and performance in an compact package.  This speaker is great for those who are looking for serious sound in a compact package without sacrificing performance.
2/21/2015 - MODVO App
The MODVO App had been put on hold.  Original schucled to  be released a couple of years ago, the app  for further testing and updates will contuniue until the new release date. The
9/23/2015 - Website down
Due to unexpected circumstance, We will be moving to an new server.  This means our site will be down and will not be available for the moment.  We will be focusing on a brand new site and market.  All our products and services will remain under warranty.  We are unsure when our main site will be up and running again, but you can still follow us on Facebook and on Twitter for the latest update.
8/13/2016 - New Line of Loudspeakers
Due to the demand of space saving technology and electronics, users are now finding themselves force to use subpare electronics and loudspeakers that does not offer good sound for today’s multimedia content.  We have decide to introduce and line of On-wall Loudspeakers that are design to reproduce quality sound and integrate into rooms easily without filling up your decor.  All of this at an affordable price.
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